Thursday, 13 February 2014

How To Be A Smart Student

To be a smart student, we need to learn from what we’ve learn anything at school or area around us. In another way, we should keep practice all the time.

Smart is not just because how hard we read book. We need to practice, and learn. As a student study is duty that we should do everyday,. Now, we can study from web. We can browse anything we want to know. After we know, we should learn it for keep our memories about it. Apply what we’ve learn in our real life. If we still can’t do that we should practice it everyday.

To be a smart student is not a easy thing to do. We should really know about anything, learn it, practice it, and apply it to our real life.

- Carin Sari Al Sagati

well, i kinda don't know if its true or whatever but this is my opinion how to be a smart student hehohehehe.

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